Zarina. Home is a foreign place. 1999

“Home is not necessarily a permanent place and that we are our homes”

“Home is a foreign place” by Zarina impresses with it’s original simplicity by depicting the world that only exists in our memories and our hearts.

Zarina created not just an art piece; she created a language and a tool that resonates with anyone who has had to leave their home or their loved ones. Each of the 36 woodcuts have symbols, outlines and geometric patterns that represent recollections from her childhood. Each dot and line make up an individual part of the entirety of her reminiscences of her younger years in Pakistan. Every drawing is so meaningful that you immerse yourself in this vibrant universe of her memories. You start feeling the blow of the ceiling fan, the voices of the neighbors and the smell of the food from the kitchen where Zarina lived together with her parents before they had to leave their home forever.

Being an immigrant you understand that “home is not necessarily a permanent place and that we are our homes”. But we will always hold on to various memories of the places that innocently formed who we are today. We will always be attached to and resonate with specific smells, sounds, and shapes. Zarina was able to transmit so many feelings and emotions with simple geometric symbols, and that is real art.