Room Makeover



  1. 45 min video call with Interior Designer
  2. 2 Furniture plans for the room
  3. Color and design scheme
  4. List of the selected items with the links and budget
  5. 45 min follow-up call


Residential Design


  1. 60 min video call with Designer
  2. 2-3 Furniture plan options
  3. Color and design scheme options
  4. Custom Design package
  5. 60 min follow-up video call
  6. Email support after follow-up call (three weeks)


Art Consultation


  1. 30 min video call with Art consultant
  2. Draft plan with arrangements options
  3. Preliminary artwork suggestions
  4. Custom Art package
  5. 30 min follow-up video call
  6. Email support after follow-up call (one week)


Home Remodeling

Full-service Interior Design

  • Site visit & Site survey
  • Area measurements & Existing Floor plans preparation
  • Renovation package preparation (New Floor plans, Lighting & Electrical plans)
  • Collaboration with the contractor & Renovation supervision
  • New Furniture plans & Window treatments schemes
  • Room elevations for the construction team
  • Colors, Finishes & Design schemes package preparation
  • Room renderings (Photoshop)
  • Furniture, Lighting, Drapery, Art, Decor & Accessories package
  • In-store shopping with Designer

Additional services are available upon request:

  • Furniture plans with the existing furniture for the Movers
  • Millwork drawings for custom built-in furniture
  • Additional 3-month Design support